When you think of the month of October, do you think of fall, pumpkins, and Halloween? I know one thing you’re probably not thinking about and that is preparedness. Being prepared can be applied to a wide range of scenarios from the impending zombie apocalypse to your large holiday gala, and everything in between.

I (Jamie) have never been accused of being under prepared. In fact it’s quite the opposite. I’m usually receiving eye rolls and shoulder shrugs in regards to my over preparedness. I have my details ready for that Monday morning meeting, my gym bag packed in advance, mace in my purse, an escape route for wherever I may be, a two week survival kit in my car, and my zombie hunting permit for when things get crazy!  While you may not be an OCD planner like myself there are definite tips that could come in handy. My hope is that you will never need the tips below but who knows, never hurts to be prepared!

Zombie Apocalypse & Natural Disasters: Better Safe than Sorry
So what do you need for the rise of the undead, or unforeseen natural disasters?

First of all, you should have an emergency kit in your house. This includes things like, food, and other supplies to get you through the first couple of days before you can locate a zombie-free refugee camp (or in the event of a natural disaster, it will buy you some time until you are able to make your way to an evacuation shelter or utility lines are restored). Should include in your kit, for a full list visit the CDC Emergency page.

  • Water (1 gallon per person per day)
  • Food (stock up on non-perishable items that you eat regularly)
  • Medications (this includes prescription and non-prescription meds)
  • Tools and Supplies (utility knife, duct tape, battery powered radio, etc.)
  • Sanitation and Hygiene (household bleach, soap, towels, etc.)
  • Clothing and Bedding (a change of clothes for each family member and blankets)
  • Important documents (copies of your driver’s license, passport, and birth certificate to name a few)
  • First Aid      supplies (although you’re a goner if a zombie bites you, you can use these supplies to treat basic cuts and lacerations that you might get during a tornado or hurricane)

With the fast paced lives we all live the chances of being at home when a disaster hits is slim. You can purchase pre done kits but I found it much more affordable to piece together my own. Additionally the kit turned out to be a lot more thorough for about the same cost as the pre made kits.

While most emergencies will have to be assessed at the time of it never hurts to be armed with the following:

  • Where would you go in your home town in the event of a catastrophic flood
  • Does your town have any disaster shelters near you
  • Designate an out of state emergency contact that others can check in with. Often times local phone lines will be down but you will still be able to call out to other states
  • Note the Red Cross Safe & Well site. You can list yourself as safe and check for loved ones
  • Know your zombies!
  • Emergency steps in the event of an earthquake
  • Emergency steps in the event of a flood
  • Emergency steps for other natural disasters  

CDC: Zombie Apocalypse 101
Red Cross
Great resource for food, water, and supplies: Quake Kare
Hit up the dollar store for an abundance of the items you need:  Dollar Plus