A Wallet Savvy Party!

Having been in the event industry for many years I have had the opportunity to witness and produce amazing events! Lavish décor, delicious food, and over the top special touches are an everyday occurrence in the world of special events. It’s no wonder why then when I have to plan my own event at home I have visions of grand splendor.  I often ask my husband “where should we put the custom ice luge, and do you think our celling will support an aerialist?”. He rolls his eyes and laughs because of course he knows that I am joking!  However, throughout the years I have realized that it does not take much to wow family and friends. All it takes is some creativity, forward thinking, and small special touches. Here are some tips on how to spice up your home events.


  • Use your home in an unusual way. Want to dance? Move the furniture into a fun arrangements creating a dance floor. Or better yet, move it into the garage for a night and create an open space. Want to host a fabulous loungy back yard event? Move your indoor furniture outside! A couch on the deck and indoor throw blankets and pillows on the patio chairs sure create a cozy environment. All it take is some muscle and suddenly your house feels less like your house and more unique for the party.  Just don’t forget to move your couch back indoors in case it rains or gets dewy.
  • Get creative with your food. Serve things that are normal but unique. Serve root beer floats in martini glasses, make s’mores with sternos, or create a popcorn bar where guests can choose their own toppings. Don’t want to be rude and ask guests to “bring a dish”, make a contest out of it. Tell guests that you’re having a salsa contest (appetizer contents, dessert content) and the guest that brings the best homemade item wins a prize. Have your guests vote and give the winner a $15 Starbucks card. Everyone likes gift cards and for $15 you just secured food dishes and added entertainment value to your party!
  • Music is a breeze with Pandora! Don’t sweat it or spend hours making a play list. Have your laptop set up as a DJ station where guests can surf their own music preferences throughout the night.
  • Never underestimate the power of a good theme! Pick a theme and encourage guests to dress up or bring theme related items!
  • Let’s discuss decorations. I have said it before and I will say it again…you do not have to go broke on décor! Bust out those Christmas lights you only use once a year and string them up in fun ways. If you have colored lights, consider using them for a Margarita party. White lights fit any theme…I promise! Never be afraid to get creative! Birthday party? Cut up colored paper and make pennants. Put out paper and ribbon so guests can make their own birthday celebration hats! If you’re crazy obsessed with crafting and making things like I am, look into investing in a Cricut personal cutter! AHH! It’s amazing and you can pretty much make ANY type of decoration. Cupcake décor, cake décor, hats, decorations, gifts, masks….you name it you can make it!) .
  • Entertainment can be a breeze if you go about it the right way. Anything can be interactive!  Try to figure out how you can use your food and surroundings to entertain guests. Making S’mores, make your own Margarita Bar, making hats, fondue…etc. Create a party game that guests play all evening, play games, and play up on your theme if possible. It’s easy to turn any party into a game by giving guests “scavenger hunt” sheets that encourage them to do certain things before the evening is over.
  • Last but certainly not least I am going to do a shameless Pinterest plug. Amazing!! Spend an hour on Pinterest and I guarantee you will have a few food and décor tricks up your sleeves!


My point is that you don’t have to be a millionaire to create a fun and memorable event. All it takes is some creative thinking, a little elbow grease, some muscle, and time. Since trying to think outside the box and be creative with home parties is a passion of mine I would gladly send you ideas! Just email me your event details and I’ll whip up some off the cuff ideas and shoot them back. Also, be sure to check out our Pinterest boards, I try to keep them updated with fun ideas! And of course, if you’re a millionaire and need help figuring out how to order that ice luge, and whether or not an aerialist can swing freely from your foyer, we do this too.