Spook-taclur Tips for a fun and safe Halloween!

Spook-tacular Halloween Fun!

Okay, we know that you either love Halloween or you hate it. It seems to be one of those holidays that don’t have a middle ground. In case you were wondering, we are on the side of “LOVE” it. What brings out your internal kid better than an opportunity to play dress up, have a party, drink some cocktails, and laugh (or be scared) with your friends and family?

We think it is important to keep safety in mind as you go about your Halloween fun. If you are looking for some good old fashioned Halloween inspiration, let us give you some ghoulish things to think about such as:
Dress for Success – Show some creativity and find a costume that lets your inner child come out to play. We know you used to want to grow up to be something….It’s time to live the dream, even if it is only for one night.

Finger Foods – Nibble your way through the night with some great finger foods. Quick snacks are better than a heavy meal. They also leave guests free to visit more.

Sounds of the season – Okay, what is a Halloween party without some creepy, and fun background music? The internet is a vast resource for all kinds of music, so look for a pre-made playlist. Just make sure to include some all-time favorites like Michael Jackson’s- Thriller, Bobby Prickett’s- Monster Mash, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince- Nightmare on my Street, and last but not least, Sheb Wooley’s- Purple People Eater!

Photography & Social Media – One of the best parts of Halloween fun is capturing it all in pictures, but be careful before posting those pictures on social media sites. Not everyone wants their escapades shared with the world.

Atmosphere is everything – You can create a whimsical Halloween or a downright creepy and scary environment all depending on what you choose for décor and lighting. Decide what you want your guests to experience and then fill the space with items to give them that experience. Party stores generally have an abundance of perfect items for the scary and creepy. You may want to check out Halloween specific stores, and check for deals online. Just remember, you want your guests to enjoy themselves, and not everyone enjoys scary.

Safety – For those of you who are taking children trick-or-treating, safety is very important. Here are some good safety tips to keep in mind. Stick to well-lit streets, provide glow sticks or flashlights for your kids to carry around with them, always check their candy before allowing them to eat it and throw away anything that seems questionable. It’s better to safe than sorry. If you are staying in, make your home a comfortable place for parents to bring their children to your door. Make sure the path to your door is un-obstructed and that the outside light is bright and turned on.

Last but not least – have a great time!