I don’t want to grow up!

I don’t want to grow up (adults at play)

We spend so much of our youth trying to grow up and become adults. Then we become adults and get bogged down in our responsibilities. What happened to playing? Having fun? Enjoying life?

Most people wait for vacations to really let go and have fun. A few actually incorporate an element of fun into their work week but it’s the people that have learned to play and have fun as a regular course of their day that are reaping the true benefits of play.

Play is a state of mind, it can also be a physical activity or something you watch and experience joy from seeing. Play stimulates our creativity and can transform our negative emotions to positive ones. Play allows us to think outside the box. If you are struggling with a problem, find a way to play to get rid of those mental blocks. 

Many of us have stressful jobs, or stressful lives, and giving yourself permission to play is a huge stress reliever. We think we don’t have time to play but just taking a fifteen or thirty minute break and engaging in some form of playful activity recharges you on both a physical and mental level. 

There was a popular television commercial for Toys-R-Us that goes, “I don’t want to grow up I’d rather be a Toys-R-Us kid.” I think we should all take that to heart. We should defy growing up and incorporate play into each and every day. What have you got to lose and look at all the amazing things you have to gain from it.