Yep, it’s a glamorous life….

As I mentioned in an earlier post that I did a lot of traveling last year. (I mean gone every month for a few days a month – kind of travelling) The one thing that always makes me laugh is how my friends and family think that my life as an event planner is so glamorous with me jet setting all over the country.  This always makes me laugh because I know if they could only walk a mile in my event shoes they would have a whole different perspective. So in keeping with our “You Know You’re an Event Planner When” series….Here are my top “Glamorous Life of The Event Planner Moments” from 2012:

  • Sitting on the floor of the Philadelphia airport eating an airport salad. Why am I on the floor? Because my cell phone died (again) and requires an outlet.
  • Carrying my laptop with me, open and running, everywhere I went while waiting for my flight because I had to upload several large documents to while relying on airport WiFi!
  • Tornado in Chicago … enough said!
  • Wine bar in Philadelphia. Since there was a wine bar right at our gate I decided to wait until the very last second (to be polite!) to board the plan. Turns out since I was getting on as one of the last five people I was being bumped (even though I had a seat assigned!) because the flight was “over weight!
  • My colleague and I trying to leave Puerto Rico with only carry on. They did not tell us that Spirit did not have a baggage contract with Alaska so when we got to Orlando we had to go out to baggage claim and come back through security and we only had a thirty minute layout! Needless to say we were taking clothes out to carry, wear, and stuff so that they would agree to let us carry on the bag. Yep! We were those people!
  • Great idea! Get to the airport five hours in advance, I am sure that you will make the standby flight and get home earlier. Nope, some guy named Steve got that one seat I got five hours in the airport!
  • Lost my lap top mouse and cannot function without it. Don’t worry! Brook Stone will sell you one for $39!
  • The bumpiest flight ever from the East Coast. So bumpy that for the entire six hours there was not one beverage service. I did not care though. If I drank anything I would have probably peed my pants from fear of dying.
  • The 40 hours I spent plugged into an airport wall socket . Seriously!

And all that to say that I would sign up to do it all again. See, I really am a masochistic!