It’s all about color…

Color is Your Friend 


Okay, so we all have met “those” people, you know the ones I am talking about, the beige people. Now, don’t get me wrong Beige has its place in the world but there are so many other color options out there how can anyone look at beige and think, “That’s THE color for me”? Alright, so some of you may think you are color-challenged but, there are sites on the World Wide Web that can help anyone from a novice to an expert find just the right color combination for what they need from decorating to painting.  

As event planners color is very much a part of our world. We pay attention to subtle shadings, monochromatic themes, vivid take my breath away colors and everything in-between. The right combination of color can make an event pop and provide that WOW experience for guests. Selecting the right color can enhance things or minimize other things depending on what the needs are of the moment.  

Color can range from lighting to linens to gifts, signage and branding and yes even food and beverage. Where and how you include color can be important and a good event planner can help you use color to your advantage. They can also help you know when you might have gone a little too overboard with fuchsia. Sometimes the color you actually need is white or beige or black to give the eye a break from the explosion of color around you and we know it has its place and when to use it. Do you?  

Be adventurous, look at your options, play with color wheels or check out sites like where they do all the work for you by combining colors into palettes. There is no way you can make a mistake with one of their color palettes! Don’t be afraid to get outside your comfort zone and explore and play with color. We guarantee you will be glad you did.