Mini isn’t so mini sometimes

Over the course of our careers as event planners we have come across several clients that want to throw a “big” party on a limited budget. To be realistic sometimes it just isn’t possible but there are times when you can give your guests the impression of  big quantities even on a limited budget.  Design a food buffet that creates a visual feast for your guests and gives them the subliminal idea of abundance. How can you do that, you ask? Here are some simple tips:

  • Use mini loaf pans and mini muffin tins, for your baked goods. A lot of bite sized items looks appealing.
  • Use lots of small colorful bowls. Fill them with dips, chips, veggies,  and candies. The more the better your buffet will look.
  • Use salad plates for slices of meats and cheeses or bite sized appetizers.
  • Make a punch and serve it in small pitchers with juice glasses.
  • Finish the look off with lots of small jars or glasses filled with candles  and flowers to complete the “mini” theme.

Guests will see a full table which will translate visually to a feast in their minds. When everything being offered to the guests is small in size guests will think it is your theme.  People won’t be wondering if you were trying to make things stretch on a tight budget. The thing to remember is that any scenario, any obstacle you see to being able to throw a party can be addressed with a little creativity.