Fresh Spring Ideas!

 Everyone has heard the old adage that April showers bring May flowers. We heard someone say it again the other day and it got us thinking about May and all the things we love about this time of year. First off it’s a great time to spend more time outside and shake off those winter blues. (Come on, we know that even the heartiest North westerner can use a break from the grey skies and rain that makes our area so beautiful all year long.)  Living in the picturesque Northwest, this is the time of year to begin thinking about picnics and with the cooperation of the weather it can be a great time to actually plan a few early spring outdoor parties and activities too. 

 Secondly, there is something so fresh about spring and the abundance of color that shows up in everything from fashion to flowers this time of year really inspires the PEC team to get creative and look for ways to incorporate that abundance of fresh, sometimes bold colors into the events we do. We also love this time of year because it gives us an opportunity to freshen up old themes and look at what might be up and coming ideas. We kind of look at it like it’s our own version of “PEC spring cleaning” and it can be a lot of fun for us.

 May is just a great time to embrace the promise of a wonderful summer season that is hovering on the horizon like a beacon for us northwest outdoor adventurists. So shake of winter, step into the sunshine of spring and yes, we encourage you to fill your house with the radiant beauty of May flowers. Their color will make you smile and just may inspire you with some creative ideas of your own for the upcoming summer season.