Organizing the Organizers

As event planners we tend to be natural organizers, some would even say we are a bit retentive about organization. We plan for every occurance. We have back up plans for those plans. We are always looking for a way to make things flow smooth and easy. We like things to be neat and tidy and esthetically pleasing. We know that attention to detail is what can make or break an event. So, one would think that event planners carry those same traits into their private lives. Well, for some that might be true and to a good extent we are very much this way in our private lives but for some reason our business storage area looked like a cyclone had landed and created utter chaos.

It was one of “those things”…you know, the projects we are going to get around to “someday”. Well, someday came about two weeks ago and I have to say that even though it took us a whole day to clean, sort through and get rid of stuff as well as organize to our hearts content; it creates quite a feeling of satisfaction to open the door and see everything neat and tidy. Better yet we can find things easily which makes trips to the storage quick and simple now.

I guess it just goes to show you that even natural born organizers have “those things” that we put off, will get to someday or just plain avoid at all costs. Now that we have the storage all cleaned up I think we are feeling better prepared to face the next BIG project…organizing all the boxes of business files we have to keep for the dreaded seven years until we can shred it all. Now if only I can get someone else to do that so I don’t have to everything would be perfect!

Make and Take

Presented by PEC, Make & Takes is a complete “Creativity on the Go” provider.

Looking for a fun and unique activity to add to your next event? Make & Takes provides craft projects to fit any style of event and entertain any age group. Event guests get to experience hands on projects that stimulate the imagination and brings out their creativity.  Each guest gets the opportunity to Make their own event memorabilia and Take it home with them.

Make & Take Packages includes:

* Delivery & Set Up

*  All required supplies

* Onsite Facilitators to walk the creatively challenged guests through the project step by step.

*  Clean up

Need Inspiration for what types of events Make & Takes is perfect for?


* Children’s Activities

*  Holiday Events

*  Seasonal Events

*  Corporate Functions

*  Morale Events

*  Meetings

*  Celebrations

*  Baby Showers

*  Home Parties

*  Girls Nights

*  Birthday Parties

*  Weddings

*  Bachelorette Parties

*  Anniversaries

*  Bridal Showers

*  Picnics

*  Luncheons

*  House Warming’s

*  Bar Mitzvahs / Bat Mitzvahs

*  Grad Nights

*  High School Events

*  Fundraisers

*  Other parties that require fun!

Artistic Projects by Make & Takes:


*  Children’s Craft Stations

*  Decorative Photo Frames

*  Home Décor (Great for house warming’s!!)

*  Cards

*  Goody Bags (Great for Seasonal events!)

*  Scrapbooks (Great for baby showers!)

*  Masquerade Masks

*  Corporate Portfolios

*  Wine Glass Charms

*  Wine Glass Painting

*  Pottery Painting

*  Beading

*  Painted Pots & Flowers

*  Jewelry

*  Mothers Day Presents (From the kiddies)

* Party Hats

*  Candle Making

*  Soap Making

*  Custom Scent Blending