Make plans for the Summer!

Plan a Playful Summer!

Summer is simply fantastic in the Northwest. The skies are blue, the sun is warm, and the landscape is covered in emerald greens and colorful arrays of flowers. The mountain tops still have snow glistening in the sunlight. The water calls to everyone to come and play. It’s as I said, “a glorious place to live when its summer season.” Everywhere you look you can see people outside taking advantage of the weather, and soaking up as much vitamin D as they can.  

I’ve discovered that I have an un-written list of things I always want to do in the summer. For the first time I wrote it down and thought I would share it in the hopes to get some ideas generating in your mind for fun things to do during the summer too. Such as:

  • Walks along Birch Bay, or Deception Pass
  • At least one evening around a campfire 
  • Relaxing in a hot tub 
  • A BBQ with family and friends 
  • Set out fresh cut flowers in my house every week 
  • To go swimming somewhere besides a pool 
  • An afternoon boat ride
  • Exploring a state park I haven’t been to  
  • A winery tour in Eastern Washington
  • A food tour through Seattle 
  • A day at Pike’s Place Market 
  • A bicycle ride in the sunshine 
  • Attend a Fair 
  • Attend an outdoor concert 
  • Attend a street fair  
  • Eat some fresh roasted corn on the cob 
  • Read a book in the park 

I am sure you can come up with a list of things way more exciting than me….We’d love to hear your thoughts. Maybe it’s something we will want to add to our to-do list too!