Do you live in a Kaizen world?

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Kaizen: Japanese philosophy that literally means (to change/to become good)

It is the philosophy that every aspect of our life deserves to be constantly improved. I think most people would agree that there are areas in your life that need to have some improvement but this concept takes things to a whole new level. This is choosing to live life as in a slow but gradual pursuit of changing for the better. This is about never accepting the status quo but looking for the often subtle shifts that can bring continual improvement.
In a work environment key elements to the Kaizen philosophy are:
• Quality of product
• Effort through personal discipline
• Involvement of the whole group
• Willingness to change
• Communication
In a personal environment key elements to the Kaizen philosophy are:
• Quality of life
• Personal discipline
• Action toward change
• Elimination of waste/wastefulness
• Orderliness, Tidiness & Cleanliness
Kaizen is both an action plan and a philosophy. It is a way to live life and to view life. Businesses are adopting this method of change to complement their large projects and even more people are adopting this concept as a way of life. It is truly something to ponder and perhaps even adopt as you move forward with your own personal goals.