Summer Lovin’


Okay, so we Pacific North Westerners know when the sun begins to peek out and warm up, you have to take advantage of it. It’s true that we may wear shorts before its barely above cold and yes, you will see some people wearing woolly socks with their Birkenstock sandals but at least we choose to embrace the sun any chance we get. 

June is the beginning of “summer weather” even though we usually don’t see any real summer weather around here until July and August. Here is a hint from a long time Pacific North Westerner: Now is the time to buy your new sunglasses, flip flops, sun hats, buy a new bottle of sun tan lotion, review your wardrobe for summer weather clothing items you may need, and plan out a few BBQ’s or family/friend get together events. 

Preplanning will allow you to make the most of the short summer season when it arrives. Of course we are all about the planning since we are a party planning firm. So it would be obvious to say that we think you should be planning picnics, BBQ’s, Day’s at the Water, Employee recognition events or customer recognition events, geo-caching, team building, and any other outdoor activity you can think of but hey, that’s just us. 

The most important thing we say about this time of year though – GET OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THE WEATHER WHILE YOU CAN!!!! Soak up all that vitamin D and reenergize yourself for the gray days that the Pacific Northwest is known for. If the sun hasn’t quite shone its face yet…don’t worry, it will and don’t waste time bemoaning the rain…it’s what makes the Pacific North West so absolutely beautiful.