Boom, Flare & Sparkle

It’s the 4th of July in a couple days and almost everyone you talk to is discussing their plans for the long weekend and the celebration of our nation’s independence. Most people LOVE fireworks. There is something about seeing them light up the sky in glorious color and sparkling array that speaks to the heart of every American.

At PEC we know that what makes an event are those little, sometimes, unexpected details that bring joy to the attendee. So let’s take an example from our 4th of July celebrations and remember that what makes the 4th special can be recreated year-round.

What items can we take from the 4th and use in other events?

  • Good Eats – from BBQ to fine dining food is usually the heart of every event.
  • Plentiful Beverages – themed cocktails to over the top non-alcoholic choices are important.
  • Color branding – any color can brand an event if the color is important to you.
  • Themed décor – the more themed details you provide the easier it is to get into the theme.
  • Boom: Musical Soundtracks (don’t the best fireworks shows play to music?)
  • Attendees (family, friends, co-workers – you get the idea)
  • Flare: Lighting, lighting, lighting!
  • Sparkle: Who doesn’t love a little bit of glitz and glam? Even when you are doing rustic, a touch a sparkle goes a long way.
  • Fireworks – yes, fireworks. You can get special permits to light off fireworks year-round and they definitely make a statement your guests won’t forget.

PEC hopes everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday and we look forward to celebrating every important event with you year-round!