Have Trunk Will Travel (You know you’re an event planner when…)

Have trunk will travel

There were almost 1500 answers to the question “You Know You’re an Event Planner When….?” when it was posed to a network of event planners. The responses made us laugh but mostly because experience is a hard teacher and often being an event planner has nothing to do with the glamorous image portrayed in movies like “The Wedding Planner” and more to do with shows like “World’s Dirtiest Jobs” but when you love it, you just LOVE it. Now, anyone who knows the Premier Event Connection crew knows we love to laugh so we couldn’t help but come up with our own “been there, done that, no it’s really true” humorous experiences of being an Event Planner. So with that in mind, the Premier Event Connection team is busily compiling  our experiences and we will be posted them here on our blog one at a time. We hope you enjoy a humorous look into our lives.

You Know You’re an Event Planner When……

…..You spend the entire afternoon looking for an elephant to appear at your event and actually find one! Okay, we admit it, the life of an event planner is never boring. We truly don’t know what the next event, heck even the next phone call might bring

our way. You can get requests for the most basic of things that require only a quick phone call to secure pricing on and then you can get callers who are requesting an elephant….yes they really did want an elephant at their event.
Because they brought us such a wonderful elephant and because they specialize in  providing the public with safe, educational and recreational access to the earth’s most  wonderful mammal the elephant we thought we would give the vendor we found a little plug…..their company name is “Have Trunk Will Travel” and if you are ever looking to hire an elephant to appear at your events this is the place to get one. Now I am not sure you everyone realizes this but we live in the Pacific Northwest. You know, the rainy, green, northern most tip of Washington State and the last place you would expect to find an elephant or even begin to think you can get an elephant to come to unless you own a travelling circus. However, the reality is that most planners spend a huge amount of time doing research for the things their client wants and as it turns out, if you have the time to do the research you can indeed find an elephant to put in an appearance at your event.