We all love a little DIY

Do-It-Yourself….. for some people those words are energizing and for others they strike terror in the heart. So where do you fall in when it comes to a little DIY?

I think everyone can feel good about a little DIY. There is something pretty amazing about creating something with your own hands and seeing it all come together. Pride of accomplishment at a job well done encourages you to try the next thing and before you know it….you are a full–fledged DIY’er.

It seems to be even easier to do-it-yourself because you can literally find YouTube videos on how to do just about anything. These videos make tackling projects a little less daunting. Add to that the fact that you can research anything on the web and it opens up everything as a possibility for DIY as long as you are willing to put in the time and energy to take on the project.

So what are some DIY tips and/or projects that are popular right now?

  • Use bright colors or at least one pop of bright color.
  • Use of geometric shapes is really fun and simple to do.
  • Rustic is all the rage right now.
  • Right along with rustic is vintage or restoring a retro look.
  • Converting garage sale finds into refinished furniture
  • Creating your own artwork

People want uniqueness. You can now have your own unique item. Exclusivity is very important to lots of people now days and with DIY it’s literally at your fingertips and up to your own creative thinking. Give it a whirl!


Make and Take

Presented by PEC, Make & Takes is a complete “Creativity on the Go” provider.

Looking for a fun and unique activity to add to your next event? Make & Takes provides craft projects to fit any style of event and entertain any age group. Event guests get to experience hands on projects that stimulate the imagination and brings out their creativity.  Each guest gets the opportunity to Make their own event memorabilia and Take it home with them.

Make & Take Packages includes:

* Delivery & Set Up

*  All required supplies

* Onsite Facilitators to walk the creatively challenged guests through the project step by step.

*  Clean up

Need Inspiration for what types of events Make & Takes is perfect for?


* Children’s Activities

*  Holiday Events

*  Seasonal Events

*  Corporate Functions

*  Morale Events

*  Meetings

*  Celebrations

*  Baby Showers

*  Home Parties

*  Girls Nights

*  Birthday Parties

*  Weddings

*  Bachelorette Parties

*  Anniversaries

*  Bridal Showers

*  Picnics

*  Luncheons

*  House Warming’s

*  Bar Mitzvahs / Bat Mitzvahs

*  Grad Nights

*  High School Events

*  Fundraisers

*  Other parties that require fun!

Artistic Projects by Make & Takes:


*  Children’s Craft Stations

*  Decorative Photo Frames

*  Home Décor (Great for house warming’s!!)

*  Cards

*  Goody Bags (Great for Seasonal events!)

*  Scrapbooks (Great for baby showers!)

*  Masquerade Masks

*  Corporate Portfolios

*  Wine Glass Charms

*  Wine Glass Painting

*  Pottery Painting

*  Beading

*  Painted Pots & Flowers

*  Jewelry

*  Mothers Day Presents (From the kiddies)

* Party Hats

*  Candle Making

*  Soap Making

*  Custom Scent Blending