Do you know your style?

There are people who absolutely know what their style is. They are drawn to it. Everything that could even remotely fall under their style (for example: Vintage Country) catches their eye. When they know what their style is it makes it pretty easy to relate that into décor and even fashion but what about those of us who like a whole bunch of different styles? What if you just can’t pick one that is your favorite? What if you don’t even know enough about what you really like to call it by a brand of style? What do you do then?

I read an article once that said the best way to discover your style was to get a scrapbook and start ripping pages out of magazines (or in this modern day – create a Pinterest board) and start collecting pictures of things you like. After a while you will start to see a pattern emerge, a clear style showing up again and again. Even if you can’t figure out what to call it, the style is there and once you recognize it, it becomes easy to work with.

Another thing to consider when trying to figure out how to pick décor that works for you is trying to figure out how to blend styles. Perhaps your spouse likes things very modern but you like things with a western feel. No way to blend the two so someone is always unhappy? Not necessary. Rule of thumb to remember for this scenario – Find a signature piece, a statement piece that you want to design the room around and then find elements from both styles to blend with the piece. It sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is.

Last but not least, when in doubt, play! Don’t be afraid to try something unusual. Mix things up, get creative and see if it works. If you don’t like it you can always change things back to what they were.

Spring into Events

Spring is a fabulous time of year with the hint of beautiful summer days to come. As the nicer days approach people start thinking about entertaining more. Combined with fun holidays like Easter, Mother’s day and Father’s Day there are plenty of reasons to get people together and celebrate. So you have joined the band wagon and decided to host a fun gathering for family and friends…what comes next? Do you need a little Spring in your event? No problem! We have lots of ideas to infuse the feeling of spring into your party. 

  • Take brilliant colored Gerber Daisies in mason jars filled with colored stones  to create a simple but striking centerpiece that delights the eye.
  • Want something unusual? Try brightly colored baskets filled with colored grasses and cupcakes topped in fun spring colored frosting’s. You can add in foil wrapped chocolates for something extra. This centerpiece is fun to look at and even better to eat too!   
  • Add lots of brightly colored vases filed with greens.
  • Find plastic colored bowls that fit inside upturned straw hats and use them as serving bowls. Bunch floral scarves in and around the hats.
  • Fill dainty floral patterned tea cups with green floral foam, add carnations and greens. Take hand written seating cards and superglue to floral wire. Add the name card to the miniature floral display’s and set at each seat.
  • Use edible flowers as garnishes on food items.
  • Use spring colored table runners , napkins and place mats. (Light and bright)
  • Stick with fresh, floral scents either with flowers or candles.
  • Keep to light foods like salads and finger sandwiches.

Anyway you decide to add little touches to your event…remember to have fun and keep it light and airy like spring.