That Creative Spark

Creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Anyone who has been involved with the creative process knows that getting stuck or hitting a wall is part of the process. Everyone struggles sometimes to renew their creative spark. Being in a business where we need to stay creative makes that a bit of a bigger challenge so we have to have ways to re-energize that creative spark. Here are the just some of the ways that we do that:

  • connect with someone you think is creative and let their creativity generate some new ideas for you.
  • change up your routine.
  • doodle
  • play a game
  • free write
  • listen to new music
  • keep an idea journal with you at all times
  • play with toys
  • color
  • listen to a TED talk
  • take a class
  • get cooking in the kitchen
  • explore the outdoors
  • research on Pinterest
  • create a vision board
  • talk with children
  • walk through an art gallery
  • watch movies

Creativity is all about being open to the impressions of life as they flow and swirl around us. Its about letting that energy flow out of you and create something unique to you. Enjoy the process and don’t give up when you feel like you’ve hit a snag in the creative process. It’s easy to spark again.

And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street

Dr. Seuss’s very first book for children is a classic of childhood but it offers us an insight that is still important when you are an adult. From a mere horse and wagon, young Marco concocts a colorful cast of characters, making Mulberry Street the most interesting location in town and proves that a little imagination can go a very long way.

I sometimes think that as adults we forget the power of imagination. To put it another way, Napoleon Hill said, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” The power of creative thinking is truly the engine that keeps the world moving. Creativity and imagination can be found in every aspect of life. So by that thinking, we should be giving ourselves time every day to “play”.

We should be letting our imagination run wild and finding ways to embrace our creativity through artistic expression. Another piece to this that I think is really important is taking time to acknowledge and recognize when someone else is being imaginative and creative. When we recognize those things in other people we open ourselves up to experiencing more of that in ourselves.

Some people (I used to be one) truly believe they aren’t creative people. They can’t see their own creativity and they feel they lack imagination. In Dr. Seuss’s book it starts out, “All the long way to school and all the way back, I’ve looked and I’ve looked and I’ve kept careful track. But all that I’ve noticed except my own feet was a horse and a wagon on Mulberry Street….” And there it is…when we feel or notice a lack in our lives we can start right where we are and begin building a whole new world from our inner creativity just like Marco did in the story. A world that can become real if we work toward those dreams.

At Premier Event Connection we are blessed because we get to be creative every day. We get to play and have fun and embrace the gifts that come from trusting in our own imagination. Try it – we promise you will like it!

As the song sung by John Lennon says, “you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one.”

Celebrate the Unusual

Crazy Hats

Get your friends together and celebrate crazy hat day!

Ideas won’t Keep

“Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.”

by Alfred North Whitehead

The first time I read this quote, I thought, well of course they do. I mean, don’t you remember any great ideas that you have had in the past?

Then I realized that what it was saying, at least to me, was that ideas don’t stay ideas forever. How many times have you told someone about a great idea you had and then a short time later you see that someone else has put the idea into action and next thing you know, they are making money at it instead of you?

Plato is quoted as saying that “necessity is the mother of all invention”. We just happen to work in very creative jobs and get the opportunity to see our ideas put into action. Believe me when I say it is one of the most rewarding things to experience. Coming up with a concept, creating it – making it come alive and then seeing the completion of that idea as an experience for other’s to enjoy. It’s why chef’s cook, musician’s play, painter’s paint, and writer’s write.

Ideas are the fuel of tomorrow’s big hits. If you have an idea, run with it. See where it takes you. You might just be surprised at what happens. We love the creative process and we think once you learn to jump on your ideas, you’ll love it too. It might even be addictive.

It Takes a Team

Who here has ever been an employee…who has ever had a boss or company situation you DID NOT LIKE? Have you ever been so upset with an employee or boss that you had their car towed while they were in a meeting?

Spring into Appreciation

Most people associate spring time with nicer weather and budding flowers. Few realize that spring is host to recognition celebrations of some wonderful people. Teachers, Administrative Professionals, Nurses, Police and volunteers all have days or weeks of recognition during this time. These professions add to our lives and our communities so giving something back to these people seems like a no brainer.

Here are some tips, hints and inexpensive ways to recognize anyone you may know in one of these professions:

·         Give a gift of some kind. Something tangible will help remind them of your appreciation long after their special day has passed by.

·         Recruit help to do something nice. Ask co-workers, neighbors or friends to donate a few dollars to whatever form of recognition you choose.

·         Use the personal touch. Pick out a gift or form of recognition you know is something they are interested in. Write a handwritten note card of thanks. Deliver the gift in person.

·         Verbalize your appreciation. Nothing is better than a sincere conversation of gratitude. Not only include why you are grateful for their service but also how it impacts your life for the better.

·         Expensive isn’t always best. It is spring after all and there is an abundance of flowers just starting to bloom. Little flower pots with a ribbon wrapped around them are small enough they can sit on a desk and often cost less than five dollars.

·         Offer them a break from their duties. Take note of the daily tasks they do and create coupons for those tasks on the computer. (free templates are available) Give the coupons offering things like “free half hour of filing” etc. to them on their special day.

·         Lunch is always nice. Treat them to a lunch out. Make sure to select a location that is their preference and plan ahead to accommodate their schedule.

·         Surprise them with small gifts. Drop a little something on their desk every hour of the work day. To give you an idea try something like a piece of fruit, a candy bar, a coffee, an energy drink, a special notepad, humorous sticky notes, a burned CD of music, etc.

·         Privilege Parking. It doesn’t cost anything to keep the parking spot closest to the front door open and available to them for them to park in.

A little creativity can go a long way but what really matters is that you care enough to take a few moments out of your day and recognize their contributions. Everyone likes be praised for a job well done. It takes only a little bit of initiative on your end and the results are long standing.

Administrative Professionals Week April 20 – 24

Volunteer Appreciation April 20 – 24

Teacher Appreciation Week May 4 – 8

Nurses Appreciation Week May 6 – 12

Police Appreciation Week May 10 – 16