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The Hostess with the Mostess

Summer season is often the busiest time of year for people to host parties and get-togethers. The weather is beautiful and people want to spend time with friends and family. It’s a time to celebrate and create great memories that will last a lifetime. So, what happens if you do not feel comfortable hosting a party but you want to have a gathering?

Well, we have a few tips for you on how to be the “Hostess with the Mostess”. There are a few simple things to think about when planning a party that will make things go smoother and easier for you.

Step One: Give yourself plenty of time to organize the event. We often underestimate the amount of work it takes to throw a “simple” party together. Not giving yourself enough time puts stress on you right from the start that is not needed. Give yourself more time that you think you need. Seriously!

Step Two: We like to think we are Superman/woman but the truth is we can only do so much and a big mistake in party planning that people make is not asking for help. We often have a bigger support network than we think we do and people really don’t mind being asked to assist when asked. Especially when they get to participate in the fun afterwards.

Step Three: Food can make or break a party. You can do everything else right but if the food is bad or mediocre its all your guests will talk about so keep your food choices simple. Parties are not the time to try out new recipes. Stick with favorites that are tried and true and easy to make. Better yet, find recipes that you can make ahead so you have less to do the day of the event.

Step Four: Set the tone for your party before your guests arrive. Turn on music that creates the environment that you want. Light those scented candles that invoke smells you want to linger in guests mind. Post a little sign by the door if you want guests to take off their shoes. Open the patio door if you want guests to head out to your backyard. All these little things will set the tone and you will relax knowing that the feel for your party is set and ready to roll.

Step Five: Once the party starts – relax. People do not expect you to be perfect and in fact, relax more if they feel like you are just like everyone else. Watch the flow of the party and the guests. Keep conversation going, make sure people’s glasses are full and that they have eaten enough.

Step Six: Relax and enjoy your own party. The whole point of having people over is to enjoy their company. To have good conversations and make memories. You don’t want to be so busy “hosting” that you don’t even enjoy your own get-together.

Step Seven: Say Thank You! It only takes a minute in our day of technology to drop a quick thank you for attending. Choose your most convenient way of contacting people but be sure to say thank you. Especially to the friends that helped you out or stayed late to help you clean up.

With a little bit of pre-planning and learning how to keep it simple you can have a great party. You may even decide that you are quite good at hosting parties. Before you know it, you might be “THE” hostess of all your friends.


Fall Fundraising

Fall is when there is a lot of fundraising taking place. Its a time to gather in stores and prepare for the upcoming winter. Its a time when many focus on taking care of those in need. Those that are most likely to suffer the most from the long winter. This also happens to be one of the busiest times of year for our company. Well, at least, now to New Years but even in that our thoughts turn to how we can support our communities through fundraising. As an event company, our skill set is of course, planning events.

So many people think that they must hire us to gain our expertise or our skills but in truth, we are a fabulous resource for associations and businesses that want to fundraise or do events to support non-profits. We are connected to hundreds of resources, vendors and venues. We are willing to advise and even donate hours to non-profits we support but sometimes all a person needs is an idea of how to fundraise so we have a few starting ideas for you:
• Super Event – find lots of event hosts to hold a small fundraising event on behalf of your charity on the same night, and all around the same theme.
• Theme Nights – Pick a theme that works with your charity’s goals and build your event around that.
• Social Media Events – host an event through social media and request donations through PayPal links.
• Combined Events – find another non-profit or organization that matches yours and host a combined event to raise funds for you both.
• Eat for a Cause – work together with local restaurants to donate 10% of their profits on a designated night for your cause in exchange for encouraging supporters to eat there.

And of course….we can’t forget ways to spread good cheer throughout the upcoming holidays and our favorite is Paying It Forward. Do something nice for others, not because anything is expected of you but because it feels good to give. If you need some ideas for how to Pay It Forward:
• Help someone with the groceries
• Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line
• Donate items to halfway houses or abused women’s shelters
• Spend some time writing positive reviews for businesses
• Donate blood
• Volunteer at a hospital, homeless shelter, nursing home, etc.
• Drop extra change into parking meters
• Donate food to the hungry
• Instead of having people give you birthday and holiday gifts, ask them to donate gifts or money to a good cause.
• Donate time at an animal shelter
• Buy a coffee card and give it to a police officer

Everyone has the ability to reach out and help another – if we think we ourselves need assistance. Find the way which is yours and embrace it. You will be happier for it.

In the Spirit of Spring Break

Anyone who has kids or is a young adult themselves knows that from late March to mid April is spring break season. For parents of young kids, that means it’s grandparent week! For everyone else it usually means vacation time or party time. If your teenager or young adult is at home for the entire week, maybe suggest that they go try something new. Groupon is always full of great deals on restaurants (ever tried Ethiopian food?) fitness classes (boxing, piyo, booty bootcamp, all fun) and discounts on places like the zoo or aquarium. If you don’t have any kids but still want a taste of that carefree spring break spirit, why not throw a spring break party? Invite your friends over, make some pina coladas and put on some Margaritaville. Or take a look at these fun spring break themed parties!
No matter your age, or your family size, we hope you manage to find at least a few moments of the Spring Break fun this month, happy partying!

Gluten Free, and Vegan, and Allergic to Soy, Oh My!

Lately, dietary restrictions have appeared to be on the rise and even more prevalent. We all know at least one person that has more food allergies than they can count on one hand and another who is always trying a new diet. Now thankfully for party goers and event planners alike, many caterers and restaurants are trying out new menus full of alternative options for our friends with allergies and our friends who are choosing to live meat free or paleo. Now many people that live on a “normal” diet are under the impression that maintaining one of these alternative life styles is difficult or that the food is not delicious. Many different food services are proving them wrong. In Bellingham alone many restaurants are changing their menus in order to appeal to more people and have crafted amazing dishes that everyone would love, not just people with special dietary needs.
Surprisingly enough, it’s amazingly easy to alter dishes to make them fit specific needs as most vegetarian food can be turned vegan by leaving out dairy and most restaurant now offer gluten free buns and bread. This means that at large events, the guests in the crowd with special diets aren’t restricted to a bit of lettuce they found that was being used as decoration on an appetizer tray. That minor bit of tweaking may make a world of difference to someone’s stomach.
The new trends in food are also a huge benefit to chefs everywhere, as they try and acclimatize to the new tastes of customers. Trying to provide alternative menus forces chefs to be more creative and innovative and many live for the challenge. A happy chef makes for many happy customers and that is good news for everyone involved! With this in mind, for your next large party or gathering or business meeting, consider having it catered by someone that can give everyone something suited for them. Happy eating!

Season of Love?

Whether your single and ready to mingle, single and loving it or in a committed relationship (and all those relationship points in between) we all know February is the month of “love”. Usually all February gives us to look forward to is Valentine’s Day but since this year is a Leap Year we have a whole extra day at the end of the month! Now while that may not be exciting here, in Ireland Leap Day is a very romantic day. It’s the day that a woman can propose to a man without it being considered odd. Now I know gender roles are archaic but it’s a very old tradition dating back to the 5th century! Since this year’s February is so special we decided to come up with a few fun party ideas for your Valentine’s Day or possibly your Leap Year engagement party?

Try the DIY craze by making these crazy cute decorations!

Making truffles at home means customizable flavors! Bailey’s anyone?

Crafty type? Make something cute for that special someone.

With all these do it yourself gifts and decorations, your February can be a lot more cost effective and a little more heartfelt. Handmade objects really add some love into whatever you’ve created and honestly, you don’t even have to be good at arts and crafts! These are especially good if you have a few kiddos around that need something to put their energy into. Half the fun of parties is the planning and set up! Between Valentine’s Day and Leap Day, may your February be packed with parties and fun!

Rock Those Summer Beats

We believe that music is a major component to every event but it’s never more so than when summer hits and it’s time to get out and play in the sun. In order to help you create a summer playlist for all your fun summer activities we have searched the web and found some great playlists for you to start with, tweak and then make your own:

NME, Billboard, 8 Tracks, Playlists, Coldwell Banker, and H&M Ultimate Summer on Spotify

And just because we want to add a few suggestions of our own:
• Lovely Day – Bill Withers
• Summertime – Will Smith
• Summer Girls – LFO
• Cruel Summer – Bananarama
• Hot in here – Nelly
• Blurred line – Robin Thicke
• Summer – Calvin Harris
• Happy – Pharrell
• California Soul – Marlena Shaw
• California Girl – Katy Perry
• Live Your Life – Yuna
• Icarus – Madeon
• Summer Time – DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
• Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett
• Bonita Applebum – A Tribe Called Quest
• Summer in the City – The Lovin’ Spoonful
• Cruel Summer – Bananarama
• Hindou – El Guincho
• The Wave – Miike Snow
• Let’s Go – Calvin Harris
• The Night Out – Martin Solveig
• Regulate – Warren G
• Hot In Herre – Nelly

The Low Down on a Destination Management Firm

The Low Down on a DMC

Many of our clients have managers that travel frequently for business, or they are required to travel themselves as well. Often times they need to suddenly become a resource for all things relating to where their manager is travelling too, on top of the job they already do. That is when it is a great idea to work with a destination management firm.

Admittedly, with all the technological advances, researching an area and finding things relative to a need is pretty easy but nothing replaces the value of local knowledge and expertise about a city. Not to mention that a destination management firm often knows what is currently trending as “hot and happening” and what is “yesterday’s news”.

They also have many pre-established relationships with the best vendors in the city and can quickly connect you. They also know who, when, and how to ask for special requests resulting in top notch service and experiences for their clients.

Of course, what a destination management firm saves you the most, is your time. Instead of you spending hours researching and weeding through data to “hopefully” make a good decision, you get presented with the best options right up front.

Last, but not least, when you are trying to plan things from afar, you simply need a smiling, friendly face on the ground to verify the details with vendors, confirm that arrangements go smoothly, and to be the calm voice of reason in case a crisis should happen.

Believe us, the peace of mind a destination management firm can provide is well worth the cost of their services.

Summer Lovin’


Okay, so we Pacific North Westerners know when the sun begins to peek out and warm up, you have to take advantage of it. It’s true that we may wear shorts before its barely above cold and yes, you will see some people wearing woolly socks with their Birkenstock sandals but at least we choose to embrace the sun any chance we get. 

June is the beginning of “summer weather” even though we usually don’t see any real summer weather around here until July and August. Here is a hint from a long time Pacific North Westerner: Now is the time to buy your new sunglasses, flip flops, sun hats, buy a new bottle of sun tan lotion, review your wardrobe for summer weather clothing items you may need, and plan out a few BBQ’s or family/friend get together events. 

Preplanning will allow you to make the most of the short summer season when it arrives. Of course we are all about the planning since we are a party planning firm. So it would be obvious to say that we think you should be planning picnics, BBQ’s, Day’s at the Water, Employee recognition events or customer recognition events, geo-caching, team building, and any other outdoor activity you can think of but hey, that’s just us. 

The most important thing we say about this time of year though – GET OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THE WEATHER WHILE YOU CAN!!!! Soak up all that vitamin D and reenergize yourself for the gray days that the Pacific Northwest is known for. If the sun hasn’t quite shone its face yet…don’t worry, it will and don’t waste time bemoaning the rain…it’s what makes the Pacific North West so absolutely beautiful. 

You know you’re an event planner when…..(2)

There were almost 1500 answers to the question “You Know You’re an Event Planner When….?” when it was posed to a network of event planners. The responses made us laugh but mostly because experience is a hard teacher and often being an event planner has nothing to do with the glamorous image portrayed in movies like “The Wedding Planner” and more to do with shows like “World’s Dirtiest Jobs” but when you love it, you just LOVE it. Now, anyone who knows the Premier Event Connection crew knows we love to laugh so we couldn’t help but come up with our own “been there, done that, no it’s really true” humorous experiences of being an Event Planner. So with that in mind, the Premier Event Connection team is busily compiling  our experiences and we will be posted them here on our blog one at a time. We hope you enjoy a humorous look into our lives.

You Know You’re an Event Planner When……

… are sitting in your living room at 3:30 pm on a Friday surrounded by hundreds of plastic Easter eggs that need to be stuffed and hidden by 8:00 am the next morning.

Imagine if you will, bags upon bags of small toys, rolls of stickers and so much wrapped candy your teeth ache just from looking at it all. Now imagine hundreds of multiple colored plastic eggs. Your mission….. to fill those hundreds of eggs, separate them into three different bins and get them to the assigned on site event planner for each location that the Easter Egg hunt is being held so they can get them hidden by 8:00 am the next morning.

Literally every inch of carpet and open space in our living room was covered with the eggs and all their fillings. There was so much stuff that there wasn’t hardly a place for us to sit and put them together. And of course, we had to develop a process for stuffing the eggs because we had to make sure that each egg got an equal amount of candy and toys. Simple right?

  • Step 1: count the number of empty eggs you have.
  • Step 2: count the number of pieces of candy you have.
  • Step 3: count the number of toys you have.
  • Step 4: count the number of stickers you have.
  • Step 4: divide the number of candy, toys and stickers by the number of eggs and get a number of items to put in each egg.
  • Step 4: stuff the eggs.
  • Step 5: Divide stuffed eggs equally into three rubber tubs.
  • Step 6: deliver the rubber tubs to the three planners who are going to be the on site contact at three different locations for each Easter Egg hunt.

Easy – except when you are looking at mounds of supplies to count and put together when there are only two of you to make it all happen. However, the crew at Premier Event Connection isn’t one to look at a daunting task and give up. Instead we settled in and got the ball rolling. That being said, we aren’t above a little recruitment either. One by one as different family members made it home they got pulled into the “stuff the eggs” party. Never mind that we had to keep the  kids from eating the candy or playing with the toys, help was help.

Several hours later we had completed the project and had two different piles – one was all the trash and one was the mound of eggs. A quick division of the eggs into their perspective rubber tubs and a thrown together label of masking tape and black marker with location of their destination printed on it and all that was left was to deliver the eggs to the appropriate event planner.

Funny how when you watch a small child’s eyes light up from finding an Easter Egg you forget the hours of work it took to create that one perfect moment for them. I guess that is the reason we do this….because child or adult, that look of enjoyment on someone’s face when you have provided a “perfect moment” is what keeps you going as an Event Planner, especially when you find yourself doing things in limited time frames that you never imagined yourself doing.

You know you’re an event planner when…..(1)

bbq.about.comI recently read an infographic posted on called “You know You’re an Event Planner when…” and  as they so succinctly put it, there were 1425 answers to the question when posed to event planners. The responses made us laugh but mostly because experience is a hard teacher and often being an event planner has nothing to do with the glamorous image portrayed in movies like “The Wedding Planner” and more to do with shows like “World’s Dirtiest Jobs” but when you love it, you just LOVE it.

Gather together a group of Bridal Coordinators, Event Planners, Event Coordinators, Project Managers, Party Planners (and the list goes on) together and before long you will start to hear stories about the everyday life of a planner.  Now, anyone who knows the Premier Event Connection crew knows we love to laugh so we couldn’t help but come up with our own “been there, done that, no it’s really true” humorous experiences of being an Event Planner. So with that in mind, the Premier Event Connection team is busily compiling  our experiences and we will be posted them here on our blog one at a time. We hope you enjoy a humorous look into our lives.

You Know You’re an Event Planner When…..

…..your caterer shows up to feed 2500 people with only 300 cooked ribs and the rest are frozen rock solid because they thought they would have plenty of time to let them defrost and “cook them on site”. Of course the fact that you have 2200 people standing in the hot sun, waiting for food that will take hours to cook never really calculated into their plans.  To make matters worse some of the brave few have decided to forego the meat and just eat heaping plates of the side dishes so the next thing you know you are literally running out of everything all because your caterer didn’t think their process through.

At Premier Event Connection we lovingly call this day “Black Friday” and all those involved with the company that day can laugh over it now but the reality was a far different story. The resolution of this challenging day was a call to the office to put out an “All Hands on Deck!” Every single person in the office was on the phones frantically calling taxi cab companies and every KFC in the greater Seattle area. We ordered all the fried chicken they had currently made, all their mashed potatoes, gravy and coleslaw. Then we had the taxi cabs running all over the city picking up the orders and delivering them to the park where our event was taking place.

How did we avoid being trampled beneath the feet of 2200 angry, hungry people? We walked the waiting line of people passing out cups of ice-cold beer. Everyone was much happier waiting in the hot sun with a nice cold beer in their hand. We had a lot of “fires” to put out that day but each one was handled and at the end of the day everyone had a good time and our client walked away satisfied with the event. Needless to say….we double , triple, and quadruple check catering details now because you just never know when some little detail that seems so reasonable to someone else could make or break your entire event.