Bet it All, Go all In, Roll the Dice

One of the things PEC truly loves about being event planners is the AMAZING vendors we get to work with. We have met some of the best vendors in the event industry and we are thrilled to be able to share some of them with you throughout the year. Please meet West Coast Entertainment:

Let it Roll

Hi there! My name is Aaron and I get the pleasure of telling you about one of the best ways to entertain guests at a public or private function. I know, you are full of questions like,  “Can you provide me with something fun? Something dramatic  that will break the ice among my guests?” Perhaps you might be thinking that you need to find a way to develop enthusiastic support for your charity event.  Or maybe you have a reputation as a great party host and need the next big entertainment idea.

Well I am here to tell you to bet it all, go all in, roll the dice and thrill your guests with a West Coast Mock Casino Party. Whether for a personal celebration, company event or a fundraiser, look no further than West Coast Casino Parties for the excitement that only the premiere Seattle area casino party planner can create. For pulse-quickening excitement, nothing beats the sights and sounds of a West Coast Casino Party. (Just ask PEC – they often seek out our services for their events) Let that excitement work for you and experience maximum returns on your time and efforts. You’ll find your guests will have a great time… and so will you!

Everyone loves to court Lady Luck and tempt the hand of fate. It’s a fascination that guarantees participation and a successful event. The best part of all is – we bring this fast-paced excitement directly to you! Our Vegas-style equipment provides a realistic setting. And, our formally-attired dealers, who have been trained and certified, provide all the action your guests will enjoy. We supply ONLY pro-quality, large style tables that offer more playing space and that real Vegas Casino vibe.

Now I know, you might be asking, “What if my guests don’t know how to play casino games?”. Don’t worry! We provide a fun, non-threatening, learning environment and our dealers are trained to instruct your guests in the fundamentals of each game. Actually, learning to play the games is part of the fun for the guests, and less costly than learning them in Las Vegas with your hard earned money on the line. With our special “value-priced” packages, you’ll be able to easily stay within your budget. We provide FREE, no-obligation quotes and we are happy to answer all your questions throughout the planning process.

For a FREE Quote and more information, please contact West Coast Entertainment at: 206.938.0569 and ask for Aaron or you can simply e-mail me at: One last thing….be sure to let us know you heard about us from Premier Event Connection, or better yet, give PEC a call and tell them you want West Coast Entertainment at your event. Either way we promise you unparalleled service and fun. 

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