Fresh & Breezy, Light & Easy

We all enjoy the magnificent colors of summer but when you are planning to host a party try not to go overboard on color. I know there are so many bright and fun colors to use but think about planning your color selections the same way you would pick paintfr your house. 

Get color samples together and see what works best in the environment where you are hosting the party. Play up on the bright colors of summer, but don’t go neon.  Pair fun colors together to create a tropical paradise of color that invites your guests to relax into the beauty of summer.

Flowers and fruits are in abundance now, so use lots of them in your event design. Special touches you can add are tropical themed event invites, fragrant tropical candles, yummy tropical beverages, bowls of sand and seashells, and beach towels as table covers.  You can even provide little sunscreen sampler bottles as guest take away’s when the night is over.

Don’t forget to encourage guests to wear their summer attire. Sunglasses, summer tops, colorful shorts and crazy flip flops all combine to create a summer party atmoshpere that decor can’t replace.

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