It Takes a Team

Poll #1:  Who here has ever been an employee…who has ever had a boss or company situation you DID NOT LIKE?  Have you ever been so upset with an employee or boss that you had their car towed while they were in a meeting?  Now I can neither confirm nor deny that event ever taking place after all it was just a question…

I came across an excerpt from a recent article titled “IT TAKES A TEAM” by Leslie Krowthem and it reads:  “as companies look to streamline their budgets, a sometimes overlooked yet always beneficial exercise in economics involves management’s refreshed commitment to its company mission statement and to the people that strive to keep this vision viable.  Smart business is the company that invests in their workforce, no matter what the financial forecast is.” 


            Team Dynamics are the unseen forces that operate in a team between different people or groups. Team Dynamics can strongly influence how a team reacts, behaves or performs, and the effects of team dynamics are often very complex.




(Story of Mt St Helens)  

Mount St Helens:

There was a young boy in TX of about 10 yrs old who went to bed in a huff because he didn’t get to finish Magnum P.I. and because his dad wanted to watch the local news.

It was Saturday night the 17th of May and the year was 1980.  The boy had watched all his favorite shows that day from Kung fu theater to Little house on the prairie and swore he was not tired.  He was asleep within minutes only to be woken up in the morning by the loudest, ugliest yellow wall phone Ma Belle produced sometime in the late 70’s.  You know the one…

It was a call from his Dads friends who had just moved to Boise Idaho the week before saying that a Volcano had erupted in WA that morning and to turn on the news right away.  As the boy watched the news with his dad he thought Volcanoes were cool and had only known of 1 Washington up to that day…The one where the Presidents lived.



There was a man by the last name of Miller in a town called Bremerton who, after hearing a series of “boom ba booms” that morning just knew it was Mount St Helens and frantically dialed his sister who lived south near Portland.  He mis-dialed and instead reached a Man living on the Toutle river who hadn’t heard anything at all (later to have been documented as a stratospheric anomaly-why a man over 100 miles away heard the sonic booms bouncing off the stratosphere before a man living on a river near the base of the mountain) needless to say the Man on the river was, thanks to this unknown caller and others, able to get his wife and 3 kids out of harms way the youngest of his daughters was 6 and their house washed into the river 2 days later.


About a week after that, a woman in Oklahoma who lived just south of Tulsa was helping her husband clean ash off of all the cars in his used car dealership.  She put some in a small jar to remember how weird it all seemed as if it were a sign that the world maybe coming to an end.  She would later send that small Jar of ash with her son who moved to the California coast to remind him that the world was not a safe place and that he should never get too attached to anything or anyone.


That boy in California is now, in Real Estate and made his first Million at the age of 27 and says that he thought the Jar of Ash instead, made him realize the value of the dirt we live on, so why not acquire as much land as he could. He bought his mother a house on the Central Coast last year and she is as happy as a lark.

That Girl whose house fell into the river still lives in WA state and is a School Teacher in Issaquah. Her father just retired from a Career in Forestry Engineering that he started in 1981. He holds over 6 patents and has helped the reforestation of tens of thousands of acres in WA state since the devastation left behind by St Helens. I spoke to him last night to confirm this story.

Lastly, I am that boy from Texas and I miss watching Magnum P.I. and still think Volcanoes are pretty cool, that boy from California is what I call a Life Friend and we are currently planning a World Wide Golf Tour upon our retirement.

And by the way did I mention that I married that girl whose house fell into the river?


UNSEEN FORCES DEBRIEF:  What were some of the Unseen Forces at Play. Q:

  • Sound Anomaly in the Stratosphere – Is your company making enough noise to be heard
  • Jet stream that carried Ash to Oklahoma – Are their Negative or Positive attitudes being carried on the Jet stream of communication further than you realize?
  • Lava Flow, Shifting of Plates, Enormous Pressure beneath the Earths Surface – What Unseen Pressures are building beneath the surface of your business    

Again: Team Dynamics can strongly influence how a team reacts, behaves or performs, and the effects of team dynamics are often very complex.  It is our goal through the experiential learning activities we produce to uncover what team dynamics are at play and the impact they have on every member of the team. (that’s What I do)

Purpose of the Compelling WHY:  To increase awareness of Unseen Forces in others, self and group. To uncover the Gifts, Talents and Abilities and how they contribute to the overall effectiveness, success or failures of your efforts.   After all, with recent company lay-offs and economic restructuring it is more important than ever for leaders to build morale and place value in the staff that still remains.

– Fred Grenados, Synergy Team Building

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