Be E-Ventive

Now is not the time to cut back on investing in your employees or your customers. With the economic impact that businesses are facing it is even more important than ever for businesses to invest in their employees and customers by showing them how much they are truly appreciated. With economic issues at hand business owners will find any place in their budget to cut costs and events are often one of the first areas affected. Even in hard economic times it is still possible to host an event for any number of business reasons.

Many people believe falsely that they need to stop working with event planners to save money. They try to handle the event in-house and often end up with an inferior event.  Qualified event planners manage budgets and try to find items to meet your core goals without breaking the bank. The key to utilizing an event planner during economic slow times is about understanding how your event planner makes their money.

Event planners are successful because they develop relationships with hundreds of vendors. They can leverage their connections with these vendors for discounted prices and packages. Case in point, some of our best vendors are willing to give us a commission for bringing them business in this stressful economic time. By discounting our planning fees, the commissions pay those planning fees and our clients still get all the benefits of having an experienced event planner on their team.

At PEC we guarantee that the vendors we use will be some of the best in their fields so our client’s wouldn’t be sacrificing quality for price. Ask any event planner you use if they are able to offer you the same arrangement. Before cancelling those events, decide to be E-Ventive and contact a professional event planner for ideas that will work with your budget and your companies needs.

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