Modus Operandi

By very definition, an event is a moment to celebrate. What you are celebrating and how you chose to celebrate it is entirely up to you. Some events are meant to inspire and motivate the guests. Some are meant to support charities and organizations. Other events are meant to give guests an opportunity to “let their hair down” after the achievement of a milestone project. Still other events are designed to honor anniversaries, birthdays and graduations. In my years as an event planner I’ve discovered the reason for celebrating isn’t nearly as important as the memories you take away with you from the event.

I’ve also realized that as the event planner it is important to recognize what I end up walking away from an event with too. From experience I have learned that there are those event planners that are in the industry to make a profit and move on to the next big event. Their attitude is more about the bottom line than about the people they work with. Although cookie cutter packages works for some people it isn’t how I choose to operate.

My personal experience is that no amount of money is worth working with a difficult client. There is no monetary value that can be placed on seeing your creative design come together in living, breathing color. There is no way to replace the look on your client’s smiling, happy face because you have more than met their expectations. There is nothing as fulfilling as knowing that your client has truly become a friend.

When I take on an event I weigh out many factors. Is it something I am confident in my skills to accomplish? Does it give me the opportunity to be creative? Does it allow me the opportunity to grow? Is it something that I personally can have fun with? Most importantly, at the end of the day, will I go home with a feeling of accomplishment that I have provided top end service to my clients and found personal satisfaction in the doing so?

The reasons for being in the event planning industry are as vast and varied as the kinds of events that are created. However, for me and my partners, it’s all about being of service to our clients in a creative and fun way. There are aspects of planning an event that are not the glamorous visions people have gotten in their heads from movies and television programs and I’ve come to realize that unless you are doing it for the right reasons you will soon suffer from burn out. 

  – Logistics Mystic

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