Spring into Appreciation

Most people associate spring time with nicer weather and budding flowers. Few realize that spring is host to recognition celebrations of some wonderful people. Teachers, Administrative Professionals, Nurses, Police and volunteers all have days or weeks of recognition during this time. These professions add to our lives and our communities so giving something back to these people seems like a no brainer.

Here are some tips, hints and inexpensive ways to recognize anyone you may know in one of these professions:

·         Give a gift of some kind. Something tangible will help remind them of your appreciation long after their special day has passed by.

·         Recruit help to do something nice. Ask co-workers, neighbors or friends to donate a few dollars to whatever form of recognition you choose.

·         Use the personal touch. Pick out a gift or form of recognition you know is something they are interested in. Write a handwritten note card of thanks. Deliver the gift in person.

·         Verbalize your appreciation. Nothing is better than a sincere conversation of gratitude. Not only include why you are grateful for their service but also how it impacts your life for the better.

·         Expensive isn’t always best. It is spring after all and there is an abundance of flowers just starting to bloom. Little flower pots with a ribbon wrapped around them are small enough they can sit on a desk and often cost less than five dollars.

·         Offer them a break from their duties. Take note of the daily tasks they do and create coupons for those tasks on the computer. (free templates are available) Give the coupons offering things like “free half hour of filing” etc. to them on their special day.

·         Lunch is always nice. Treat them to a lunch out. Make sure to select a location that is their preference and plan ahead to accommodate their schedule.

·         Surprise them with small gifts. Drop a little something on their desk every hour of the work day. To give you an idea try something like a piece of fruit, a candy bar, a coffee, an energy drink, a special notepad, humorous sticky notes, a burned CD of music, etc.

·         Privilege Parking. It doesn’t cost anything to keep the parking spot closest to the front door open and available to them for them to park in.

A little creativity can go a long way but what really matters is that you care enough to take a few moments out of your day and recognize their contributions. Everyone likes be praised for a job well done. It takes only a little bit of initiative on your end and the results are long standing.

Administrative Professionals Week April 20 – 24

Volunteer Appreciation April 20 – 24

Teacher Appreciation Week May 4 – 8

Nurses Appreciation Week May 6 – 12

Police Appreciation Week May 10 – 16

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