I’m with the Band

There is a country western song with a line that goes something like this… “sometimes it gets so confusin’ that I don’t know where I am, but I always know who I’m with…I’m with the band.”

One of the most interesting things we have come across is the “I’m with the Band” mentality. For lack of better terminology it is an attitude of entitlement to VIP treatment simply because they are a member, roadie, or guest of the band. We’ve experienced everything from demands for private dressing rooms, private green rooms, and their own food and beverage station.

Let’s not forget the unspoken expectation that they will be provided free alcoholic beverages through the night. We actually had one occasion where a band member asked for free drinks for the entire band in front of our client. It made our client feel awkward and it made us feel awkward. Of course it made the asker feel awkward too and he hurriedly made his exit.  It wasn’t that we couldn’t and didn’t eventually get authorization to get the band drinks but he put us and our client on the spot.

Then of course, there was the time that we had scheduled load in to a venue that had a small dock and everything needed to be on a tight schedule and we discovered a van parked in the middle of the street blocking traffic to and from the loading dock with vinyl magnets on its doors that simply said, “Band”. As if that gave them permission to do whatever they wanted.

We’ve gone rounds with band members in charge of the sound system that wanted to have the mixing board right in the middle of the event, blocking flow and creating an unsightly presentation. In their opinion we needed to do things their way, why? Isn’t it obvious? It’s because they are the band. After patient explanation we eased their frustration and managed to save the overall flow and function of the event.

A band can add a whole different level of entertainment to an event and is worth the extra effort that might be required on a planning level. The key is to plan for the “I’m with the band” attitude in advance so you aren’t thrown for a loop when a band member decides they should get to go through the buffet line before it is open for the guests of the party. When an event planner is prepared dealing with the band is actually an entertaining part of the job. Keep your sense of humor and everything will go well. Don’t get us started on DJ’s that a whole different blog!

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