Chitter, Chatter…What’s the Matter?

An event is filled with all kinds of things happening at once but one of the things paid the least attention to is chit chat. After all events are made for teaching and educating, for laughing and talking so who cares if your event staff is chatting away the time while they are working

As an event planner if the job is getting done does it really matter that the caterers are talking amongst themselves as they oversee the buffets? Or that the photographer has stopped to talk with one of the bartenders? Let’s face it, this is an industry like any other, and event industry professionals know each other and often cross paths at various functions. It’s natural to become friends and use that time to catch up with each other. Think of an event as being the proverbial water cooler for people in this business.

The relationships are important and from personal experience we know that it is the strength of those relationships that can save an event planner when crisis hits albeit whether that crisis is situational or economical.  A wise event planner walks a fine line of balancing real relationship building against the wrong kind of idle chit chat. 

Your pianist is having a baby…that’s great news! The ballroom dancers are discussing the eccentric attire of the guests…Bad news! The DJ is hiring a new employee…fantastic! The stilt walker is chatting with the balloon twister that your client’s product is inferior…Disaster! It only takes a moment for someone to overhear something they weren’t intended to hear and you could have a catastrophe on your hands and never know it until it’s too late to stop the damage.

What makes skilled event planners is their ability to plan for every possible contingency and to know what to do when those issues arise. We tweak and correct things as they are happening. Essentially we stamp out the fires closest to us so that we aren’t left standing in a huge inferno wondering what went wrong. Don’t allow yourself to be blindsided by something as seemingly inconsequential as chit chat.

 As event planners it is easy to walk around an event and listen to what is being said. We do it all the time. The question is simply are you listening only to hear the positive feedback? Go a step further and actively listen to what is really being said around you. Stopping inappropriate conversation that you might not want overheard by your client and their guests can be just as vital to keeping a happy satisfied client as picking the perfect caterer and décor. Ignorance may be bliss but in this instance it just may be the straw the breaks the camel’s back.      

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